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Using a Carpet Shampooer to Extract Water from a Carpet

Carpets require proper maintenance and regular cleaning to maintain their form and aesthetic appeal. There are different tools and equipment we can use to keep carpets nice and clean. One of these is a carpet shampooer.

Carpet shampoo machines usually resemble vacuum cleaners. Unlike vacuum cleaners though, a shampooer has a tank to hold the shampoo or detergent solution and rotating nylon brushes to agitate and clean the carpet pile or fibers.

Many beginners to using professional carpet shampoo cleaners often wonder whether they can Extract the dirty, soapy water from carpets or if they need a separate water vacuum. To answer this question, let’s explore how a carpet shampoo cleaner works.

How a Carpet Shampoo Machine Works

When using shampooers, we fill the designated tanks with carpet shampoo or detergent and water. Upon turning the machine on, the nylon brushes start to spin. At our discretion, we can release some of the shampoo and water solutions.

The spinning brushes work this solution into a lather or foam. The continuous brushing and the shampoo solution agitate fibers. This helps loosen and lift the dirt from where it has lodged and dried on the carpet.

Can a Carpet Shampoo Cleaner Extract Water?

Yes, a carpet shampoo cleaner can vacuum water. Similar to its close cousin, the steam cleaner, a shampoo cleaner also has a dirty water tank and suction capabilities.

After the carpet fibers are sufficiently soaped up and brushed, the machine releases clean water to rinse off the soap. This allows your local carpet cleaners to wash away the shampoo or detergent. Once the soapy residue is washed off, the shampoo cleaner is used to extract water from the carpet.

However, its suction or vacuum capabilities aren’t the strongest. Even the best carpet shampooer can only Extract a limited amount of water

from newly washed carpets. This is why overly wet or overwashed carpets can soak in water and end up more damaged than before.

Why Using Too Much Shampoo is Bad

It’s important to follow the machine manufacturer’s instructions on how much shampoo should be used. It’s hard to fully rinse out too much carpet detergent or shampoo. Failing to properly rinse the carpet leads causes leftover shampoo and soap on the fibers.

This means excessive amounts of shampoo can lead to soapy residue on the carpet. When this residue dries, it becomes sticky and a magnet for dust, dirt, and germs. Using too much shampoo also requires us to use a greater amount of water to rinse the carpet.

Unfortunately, using too much water can backfire on your carpet’s lifespan. Soaked carpets are likely to gain bad odors, become a breeding ground for mold and mildew, and have weaker fibers. Moreover, the liquid will also soak the floor underneath the carpet. If your home has hardwood flooring, this can severely damage both the floor and baseboard.

Carpet Shampoo Cleaner vs. Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners are a great alternative for carpet owners that would rather not deal with soapy water and potential sticky residue. Shampoo and steam cleaners generally work the same way but use different cleaning agents.

More accurately referred to as hot water extraction cleaners, a steam cleaner shoots out hot water to dislodge any deep-seated dirt in your carpet. Unlike a shampooer, a steam cleaner usually does not have rotating brushes.

The combination of high pressure and hot water is already effective in loosening up even dried dirt and mud. This action is also what produces the signature steam coming out of the machine. Once the dirt is loose, steam cleaners immediately Extract the dirty hot water into a separate tank. Steam cleaners are generally built with more powerful vacuum than carpet shampoo machines.

Final Carpet Advice

Both carpet shampoo cleaners and steam cleaners have their benefits. Shampooing works very well for oily, greasy, and heavily soiled carpets and rugs. Meanwhile, steam cleaning works exceptionally well for wall-to-wall or non-removable residential carpets.

Consulting a St. Augustine carpet cleaning service would give you more insight into what type of cleaning your carpet needs more. Regardless of whether you go with a carpet shampooer or steam cleaner, a professional cleaning service will leave your carpet looking better than ever.