Top Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in St. Johns

With The Best Restoration services, rest assured that your tiles and grout lines will come back to life. We are a team of trained and experienced cleaners who provide various cleaning services including tile and grout services in St Augustine FL. Our goal is to give you the best service possible in the area. Our credibility has so far been built solely on the satisfactory services we have been able to provide to our customers.

We provide quality but cheap floor cleaning services

It is often perceived that cleaning services are expensive. However, that is far from the truth. You may try and clean the tiles and the grout on your own as a DIY project. But let us be upfront in stating that you will find it difficult to get the tough stains out. We have the apt machines, know-how, and cleaning agents to get the job well done.

Tile and grout cleaning in St. Augustine is an economic investment to restore the visual aesthetics of your home or office. If you are looking for a budget-friendly cheap floor cleaning service, we are in the St. Johns area .

Tile and grout cleaning services: Our process

As one of the leading St. Augustine tile and grout cleaning services we have a set protocol to follow as a cleaning procedure
  • Assessment Before we get on with a tile and grout cleaning job, we always make sure that we know what needs cleaning, which part of the tiling and grouts are damaged, etc. The assessments are done by our technicians for the best conclusions.
    Once the assessment process is over, notes are made about the damages which are assessed. This will ensure that the tile and grout cleaning services and the customer are on the same page. Once these formalities are out of the way, the actual cleaning process begins.

  • Cleaning We begin the process by applying cleaning agents on the tiles and the grout lines. The Best Restoration is aware of the toxic fumes these agents let out. Hence, we prefer using eco-friendly cleaning agents. This is the crucial part of the process. The cleaning agents must percolate down deep so that we may conveniently carry on with scrubbing in the next step.

  • Scrubbing This is a manual process that is executed by our experts. They use a specific kind of tile brush for the purpose. After the area is completely scrubbed the second round of cleaning ensues for the grouts to be cleaned.

  • Steam Cleaning At this stage, we bring in high-powered steam systems. They are truck-mounted and handled by a trained team that specializes in grout cleaning.
    Tiles can be cleaned with scrubs unlike grouts since they are not porous. This is however not the case with grouts. The dirt and filth that accumulate the grout are stuck on them and are sticky. To get this kind of accumulation off, our tiles and grout cleaning services use tools meant for the job.

  • Sealing Once the cleaning process is over, the area is then dried. It is then prepared for grout sealant. The grout sealant is put on the grout lines to protect it from collecting grime later.
    This is how a standard tile and grout cleaning process works. These steps will help you understand the kind of cleaning process you are signing up for.

Why do you need tile and grout cleaning in St Augustine FL

A clean space is always a visual treat. This is one of the reasons why clean tiles are so important for the aesthetic appeal of a space. A professionally done cleaning job will bring back the look and feel of the tiles. Additionally, periodic cleaning of the tiles and the grout also takes care of the  damaged ones.
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