The most trusted local area rug cleaning service in St. Augustine, FL

Do you know that an area rug measuring 8X10 feet can hold 75 pounds of filth consisting of dirt, debris, and soil? Just in case you do not think that a professional rug cleaning is a need, that is some food for thought!

Area rugs are more for d├ęcor than usage. Hence these rugs need to look clean, fresh, and presentable. However, they also are exposed to footfalls, debris, dirt, and dust. Like carpets and soft furnishings, area rugs too can become a potential health hazard unless they are periodically cleaned. The Best Restoration offers the best area rug cleaning service locally in St. Johns.

As a reliable area rug cleaning company, this is how we take care of your rugs

As local area rug cleaners, we have been serving our customers to the best of our abilities. Our customer base has been built up over the years. As new customers continue to grow our family, the old ones remain supportive as well. They trust us with their rugs because we treat them as our own. We are alert and are super cautious about not damaging your precious rugs
  • Inspection :To ensure that our customers know precisely what will happen to the rugs once they entrust us, we maintain transparency in our communication. It begins with our first step towards executing an area rug cleaning job with the assessment of the item to be cleaned.
    An assessment of the area rugs is carried out to understand the problems. Once we identify them, we share the information with you and suggest the cleaning treatments that will most benefit the area rug. Your job ends there! Once everything is agreed on mutually, we pick up the rugs. You should contact a reliable area rug cleaning service provider who can assess your carpets in detail and offer you the best solution.
  • Getting dry soil out :We begin the cleaning process using a machine called the Rug Badger. It is meant for cleaning the dry soil from both sides of your area rug.
  • Softeners & Cleaning :The next step is to loosen the dirt stuck deep in the fibers. That's what softeners do. However, note that the cleaning agents we use at this stage are not the same for all the area rugs. The apt selection of softeners is crucial. The consequence is seen in the clean and undamaged area rugs. We can do such a flawless rug cleaning job because we choose suitable cleaning agents to be used on your rug. We then focus on the stains and on cleaning up the fringes. Unlike the flat surface of the rug, fringes are wraps. They also discolor and get dirty the most. While cleaning the fringes is a delicate job, getting the stains out is a tough one. The experts at our area rug cleaning service know how to handle both jobs skillfully.
  • Shampoo and Wash :It is now time to shampoo the rugs. The shampoos we use at our plant are particularly meant for area rug washes. It helps the rugs to be cleaned while keeping their fiber quality intact. They undergo yet another wash. Here we bring in the extraction equipment for the final rug wash that removes any residual dirt that might remain on either side of the rug
  • Dry out :At our area rug cleaning company, the washed rugs are dried initially using extractors and rollers. Later, we hang them safely in a controlled setting. Once they dry out, humidifiers and blowers are used to take care of the remaining moisture in them.
  • Doll-up : We love our job because we love clean rugs. So, once we are done with the cleaning process, we get your rug all set by combing them with groomers. Once we are happy with the way your rug looks and feels, we bring your area rug back to you. Get in touch with our area rug cleaning service for the best carpet care.