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Top 7 Tips on How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

While speaking about air pollution, we mainly talk about vehicular or industrial pollution. But, people in developed countries like the US, spend around 90% of their time indoors. And studies reveal that indoor air can be as polluted or worse than outside air. Therefore, below are some easy tips that can effectively answer all your queries regarding “how to improve indoor air quality?”

Studies have found asbestos, bacteria, viruses, paint chemicals, mold, dust, etc., in indoor air. And these pollutants can cause long-term damage to your health. So, while we have been all this while thinking about steps to protect against outdoor air pollution, it is high time that we consider ways to improve the quality of air inside our homes too.

Get Clean Air for Home with These Tips

Here are a few tips to ensure clean air for your home.

Changing AC Filter

The air-conditioning systems help maintain the temperature of your home. And while recycling your indoor air, they filter out some pollutants. However, eventually, the filters become clogged and stop doing their job.

A clogged filter hampers the performance of your AC and impacts your indoor air quality. So, regularly changing the AC air filter is necessary to enhance indoor air quality.

Check Air Ducts

Air ducts help distribute cold and hot air throughout your home and help maintain a comfortable climate. However, dust, pet dander, or other particles can accumulate in these ducts and deteriorate indoor air quality eventually. So, one of the ways to improve the quality of air in your home interiors is to get these ducts cleaned by a professional regularly.

Clean Other Air Filters

To have clean air for home interiors, it is essential to clean the AC and other filters regularly. This includes the filters in your vacuum cleaner, kitchen vents, etc. Periodic inspection and cleaning of the different air filters by a professional is a must for maintaining clean indoor air.

Clean Your Rugs and Carpets

Rugs and carpets are beautiful and comfortable to walk on. They also act as air filters, trapping dirt, dust, pet dander, etc., within their fibers. Therefore, it is essential to clean them periodically to enhance the quality of your indoor air.

Purchase Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are great natural air filters. They can act as a carbon sink for your home and keep the air fresh. Therefore, you must purchase indoor plants to improve indoor air quality.

Some of the options are small ferns and palm trees. You can find indoor plants that reduce air pollution by searching online with key phrases like “how to improve indoor air quality?”.

Use Cooking Vents

The primary source of several indoor air pollutants is actually your kitchen. Gas stoves release harmful particles like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, etc. Electric cookers emit several contaminants that are more likely to be absorbed into your bloodstream.

The practical solution to dealing with these pollutants lies in your kitchen vents. So, turn on the vents while cooking or open a window to let in the fresh air and filter out polluted air. However, installing and using a chimney while cooking is recommended to improve indoor air quality.

Control Humidity Indoors

Moist and humid conditions are breeding grounds for mildew and various types of molds. These can lead to serious respiratory ailments like asthma, bronchitis, allergy, etc. The problems can also vary seasonally and have severe health implications for the inhabitants.

However, you can control the growth of molds by curbing the amount of moisture and humidity in the air. Placing dehumidifiers in an indoor space can help in this context, as they help create a conducive living environment for you instead of mildew.

Summing Up

Maintaining indoor air quality is essential to create a healthy living environment. Listed above are some of the ways to improve the quality of air. However, this list is not comprehensive, so you should consider getting professional aid. Also, sometimes you need professional help to address issues like clogged AC ducts.

Our experts can introduce you to multiple ways to improve the quality of air in your home, which is how we have managed to earn the trust of several homeowners over the years. So, connect with air duct cleaning services now and give yourself and your loved ones a chance to breathe fresh air.