carpet stain removal

A Detailed Guide to Carpet Stain Removal

Let’s admit it: we’ve all had a terrible carpet stain at least once in our lives! In a way, we are all aware of some methods of DIY carpet stain removal.

That said, there are some stains that are harder to clean than others. This is where you must learn a few more tricks on how to remove carpet stains.

The idea is not to let a spill have the time to create a proper stain. Every second counts in case of a spill, be it wine, gum, wax, chocolate, blood, or even Kool-Aid.

The next section deals with the most essential tips on how to remove stains from carpets.

3 Fundamentals of stain removal from your carpets

These are the top 3 things to remember as far as cleaning carpets are concerned.

1.     Scrape off excess spills or solids ASAP: The first tip on how to remove stains from carpets is to remove the excess solids or liquids which might have accidentally been dumped on the carpet. It prevents even deeper stains and helps prevent damage to the carpet.

You need a soft piece of cloth to blot away the excesses before cleansing comes into the picture. Such a stain-removing cloth is usually found at your local hardware stores or supermarkets. You can always order a microfiber cloth online.

Never scrape the surface to remove excess spillage. It might cause damage to the carpet’s material which might be irreversible.

Keep blotting until you see that the cloth is not picking up anything at all, thereby signaling that all the excess has been removed.

2.     Try using a stain removal fluid: There are plenty of brands to choose from if you are looking for a stain remover. Select one that’s branded and is free of parabens, a type of chemical.

You can even prepare your own removing material. Take one full tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and mix it with half a liter of mildly-warm water. Add a quarter tsp of white vinegar to this solution and shake thoroughly. Apply using a spraying bottle.

Regardless of whether you’re using a homemade or a readymade carpet stain removal solution, never let it touch the surface for more than 10 minutes.

Using it for more than that period damages the carpet’s topmost surface badly thanks to the alkaline nature of these formulations.

Should these DIY methods fail to work, contact professional experts in carpet cleaning in St Augustine if you live in Florida.

3.     Never rub affected areas: Rubbing the areas where the spill has occurred is a very bad idea. Not only does it not clean the carpet; it also spreads the material over a wider area!

How to remove carpet stains from 3 common culprits

Follow the methods given here and know how to remove stains from carpets made by chocolate, wine, or beverages like coffee and tea.

●      Removing chocolate stains: Begin by scraping away all the excess layers using blotting cloth or a bunch of blotting paper. You can also use a knife to clear melted chocolate.

Use a solution of dishwashing liquid and water (skip the vinegar) and spray it over the affected area. For best results, use a cloth to apply this solution better.

Remember to keep it on for just 5 minutes. Post that, you can easily use blotting paper to wipe away any existing stain!

●      Removing tea or coffee stains: How to remove stains from carpets caused by tea or coffee? Use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide (2 tsp.) and dishwashing soap (1 tsp.). Apply the mixture around the area and over it. Rinse with tap water after 2 minutes.

If required, use blotting paper for better stain removal!

●      Wine stain removal: Believe it or not, this is actually the simplest to deal with! All you need to do is blot away all excess wine first, and then use plain club soda as a spray.

The soda reacts with the remnants and does the heavy lifting, so to speak.

Use the microfiber cloth mentioned earlier to dab the area till it’s clean.


Remember that carpet stain removal is made a lot more difficult if the irritant is blood, wax, fat-based butter or margarine, or fruit juices. Even Kool-Aid stains are vexing. For them, you will need express carpet cleaning services in St. Augustine.