Is it Bad to Clean Your Carpets Often – Myths and Facts

Carpets amplify the beauty and comfort of your living space. But is it bad to clean your carpets often? The answer is no. When it comes to cleaning carpets a lot of owners have doubts regarding the impact of cleaning them.

Carpets are woven delicately with fibres and many think that cleaning them often could cause damage. The best way to do it is to contact professional carpet cleaners for help. You can search for carpet cleaning services in St Augustine to seek help from professionals.

Here are some myths and facts about carpet cleaning:

1. Myth: The more often you clean your carpet, the greater the damage

Fact: Carpets need to regularly cleaned and vacuumed. If left unchecked it can accumulate dirt, mold, soil and toxins. Cleaning them with proper products does not cause discoloration or damage your carpet in the long run.

2. Myth: Carpet cleaning can replace regular vacuuming

Fact: Carpet cleaning can never replace regular vacuuming. It deep cleans your carpet like a vacuum can’t.

You should of course regularly vacuum your carpet to pick up dust, pet hair and loose debris. In fact, right before you call your carpet cleaner you should vacuum your carpet as it will make it easier for carpet cleaners to deep clean your carpet.

3. Myth: Carpet cleaning can cause wear and tear reducing the original look of the carpet

Fact: Is it bad to clean your carpets often? No, because chemicals used in modern carpet cleaning are not harmful for the carpet. They mostly make the carpet look brand new and clean.

But if you are still concerned about the carpet, you can always test out the product by using it on a little corner of the carpet and see how it reacts.

4. Myth: Carpets should not be cleaned often with a high power cleaner

Fact: Carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis. The misconception that if you clean your carpets often with high power it will damage the fibres is not true.

In fact, if you get it cleaned by a professional grade carpet cleaner it will last you longer, making them look fresh and new every time.

5. Myth: You only need to clean your carpets when you see stains

Fact: Even if you can’t see stains on your carpet always get them cleaned often. A carpet cleaner does much more than just removing stains. It goes all the way down to your carpet to clear out the debris that has become accumulated and has got trampled inside all the fibres.

6. Myth: Regular carpet cleaning shrinks the carpet, hereby ruining it. So is it bad to clean your carpets often?

Fact: Carpets will shrink only if you leave your soaking wet and let it out to dry for a long time. They won’t shrink even if you clean them often.

This can be easily avoided by dry the carpet or asking the carpet cleaning person to dry it out as soon as cleaning is done.

7. Myth: All carpet cleaning processes are same

Fact: Although it may seem like all carpet cleaning processes are same but there are various types of methods and it is important to choose the right one for your carpet.

Avoid cleaning companies that use dry methods like powder to clean the carpet. Instead opt for one that injects liquids into the carpets, deep clean it and then sucks the moisture back out.

8. Myth: Carpet cleaning gives rise to mould and mildew

Fact: The chemicals will sanitise the carpet making it cleaner. Even if carpet cleaning will initially make the carpet wet and moist, it will not promote the growth of mould which only happens if your carpet is not dried properly.

Carpet cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your carpets, whether commercial or residential. So, hire a reliable carpet cleaner to protect your precious carpets.

You can hire a carpet cleaner by looking up carpet cleaning services in St Augustine as and when you wish.