a man keeping air ducts clean of mold and bacteria with a broom

Ultimate List of Tips to Keep Your Air Ducts Clean of Mold and Bacteria

The pandemic increased our awareness about microorganisms and the ways in which they can harm us. It has become all the more important to keep our home air ducts clean of mold and bacteria.

In our current post-pandemic phase, the definition of clean air has changed. More than dust and odor, consumers want the air they breathe to be free of harmful microbes and pollutants.

Fresh air is a basic right that every consumer and citizen deserves. The quality of the air you breathe at home or in offices is determined by the air ducts that provide ventilation. So, the air quality in your home or office will be healthy only if the air ducts are clean.

Now, cleaning air ducts has gone beyond simply dusting the air ducts; it also includes a thorough sanitization and disinfection process. As restoration experts, we had to confront all kinds of challenges as offices opened up after the pandemic.

We have diligently compiled a list of tips for you based on our experiences. These tips should help you overcome any challenge you face while keeping your air ducts free from mold and bacteria.

Six Tips to Ensure Your Air Ducts are Clean of Mold and Bacteria

Self-Care Before Duct Care

Protect yourself properly before you take on the hazardous job of cleaning air ducts. These large, isolated sections of your home are filled with all kinds of contaminants. The core purpose of cleaning air ducts is to rid the air you breathe of these contaminants.

So, take care of yourself as you ensure that your air ducts are clean. Wear a safety mask the whole time. Sanitize your hands before and after cleaning the ducts.

Make sure your skin is not directly exposed to the dirt you clean out of the ducts. Keep your skin completely covered. Take a bath as soon as you’re done.

Cleaning Dust and Biological Particulates

Before we bring out the big sanitization guns, it is important to diligently clear out any dust or other forms of large, biological waste that might be contaminating the air ducts. The waste could include dead insects, rodent feces, pet hair, dander, bird feathers, and mildew spores.
Mold, viruses, and bacteria thrive on such biological particulates.

Use a strong vacuum cleaner to clear out these biological wastes. Use an assortment of brushes and cleaners to reach difficult corners in your air duct system and make sure they’re all clean. Removing biological particulates is essential for ensuring your air ducts are clean of mold and bacteria.

Protect the System from Moisture

In places with a humid climate like Florida, excess moisture can get trapped in the air duct system. Microbes thrive in a humid environment. Prevent humidity from being trapped inside your air ducts by keeping the filters clean.

Moisture does not get trapped in the ducts if the flow of air is streamlined. You should also clean the dust inside the AC vaults since that too is a source of humidity.

Select the Right Disinfecting Agent

There are many companies offering disinfectants that claim to be effective in cleaning air ducts. Select a disinfectant registered with the EPA to make sure your air ducts are clean.

The agent you select should be easy to clean out and should not have a strong odor. The odor of the disinfectant you select can get stuck in the air vents. So, select your disinfectant with care.

The Fogger Machine

You can use a fogger machine to ensure that the sanitizer you have selected is spread evenly throughout the HVAC system. Using a fogger machine for disinfecting purposes is quite simple. You just have to run the fogger machine directly into your HVAC system.

The disinfectant should clear out any bad odors, microbes or mold that may still be left in your system. Make sure the fogger machine can reach your entire HVAC system so that the air ducts are clean of mold and bacteria.

The Frequency of Sanitization

Although there is no definitive frequency that can be recommended, in our experience you should clean your air ducts with the change of seasons. If you have pets, then you should get your air ducts cleaned even more frequently.

It is also recommended that you get your air ducts cleaned if construction work has recently taken place near your home. We have listed a few signs below, that in our experience, signal your air ducts need cleaning:

  • If you’re moving into a pre-owned house
  • After remodeling your house
  • Presence of an unpleasant odor in the house
  • If the airflow is inconsistent
  • Uneven heating or cooling
  • You spot mildew or mold on the air ducts
  • Dust accumulates very quickly in your home

Never Neglect Your Air Ducts

Do not wait for a crisis to develop before you clean your air ducts. Air ducts ensure the vital supply of fresh air to your home or office. An unclean HVAC system can lead to many health issues. Allergies and respiratory illnesses can be triggered by unclean air ducts.

You and your loved ones will always be at risk of infection. You cannot live safely in a house until the air ducts are clean of mold and bacteria. Clean your air ducts regularly to live a happy, healthy life.

Get Professional Help to Keep Your Air Ducts Clean of Mold & Bacteria

You should hire professional services at regular intervals for the proper cleaning of your air ducts to ensure good air quality at all times. The above list will serve as a checklist to ensure all protocols are followed during the service session.

Regular servicing of air ducts is the best way to prevent respiratory health issues like asthma. Although we support customers who choose to clean these systems themselves, there are situations in which we believe you should approach professionals for help.

We absolutely recommend professional help if your property is old. The use of lead paint was quite prevalent before it was banned in 1978. Many times, the toxic residue of this old paint could be stuck in the air ducts and continue to cause problems for homeowners.

Professional cleaning should also be done if you have recently painted your house. The toxic chemical residue could be hidden in the air ducts. Professional services are only a call away if you do ever need them.

With professional help, ensure great air quality every day with air ducts that are clean of mold and bacteria. Live hale and hearty in your dream home with a little support from experts in air duct cleaning in St. Augustine, FL.