can dirty air ducts make you sick

Can Dirty Air Ducts Make You Sick? Yes, here are Some Ways How

If you have observed a sudden spurt in instances of allergies re-emerging and causing a number of breathing and skin problems, the odds are high that something’s wrong with your home’s air ducts. Wondering if that’s true and can dirty air ducts make you sick? Well, yes, they can. And if they are not taken care of immediately, things will only get worse!

It is hardly a secret that keeping airflow channels, including ducts, vents, and filters clean improves indoor air quality significantly.

But if these channels are left unattended and unkempt, you will soon face a lot of issues. Not convinced if dirty air ducts cause health problems?

Let’s dive a bit deeper.

What’s inside dirty air ducts anyway?

If you have ever had to contact air duct cleaning service providers for some reason, you’ll have noticed how their professionals talk about the ‘stuff’ hiding inside these ducts. It can be pretty nasty, to be honest.

Some of these undesirable ‘stuff’ might include:

·      Pollen.

·      Different pests like rodents and roaches, and the occasional house lizard, plus their fecal matter.

·      Lots of mildew and several different types of fungi.

·      Several different species of bacteria are also found in most homes.

The 2 things common to all of these substances are that they are dangerous allergens and indoor pollutants.

From mildew spores to chemical remains to pollen, they can trigger a range of illnesses in your family.

How do I know if my home’s air ducts are filthy?

One reason why such problematic airways remain undetected is the total lack of any bad odors.

It is only when dirty air vents cause health problems that you are forced to take action.

Some symptoms include:

1.   Sudden symptoms of a common cold

While you or your family members might not have a running temperature, other signs will be present. Watery eyes, a running nose, reddening of the eyelids, headaches, sudden bouts of sneezing, loss of appetite and that of taste, and occasional wheezing are the ones which are instantly recognizable.

Nasal congestion is another symptom. It will make it extremely difficult for you to have a good night’s sleep.

2.   Asthma attacks without warning

If you have a history of asthma and are on medication, there should not be unforeseen attacks. But if you do have them, the most likely source is a dirty air duct. Thanks to numerous allergens which are found inside these ventilation pipes, the chances of a sudden (and powerful) bout of asthma increase manifold.

The regular medicines which keep the condition at bay often do not function, and you might have to consult a physician. There are also countless instances of other pulmonary conditions which are a lot more difficult to cure than asthma.

If you are unlucky enough to develop a respiratory condition, you will probably stop musing on can dirty air ducts make you sick!

3.   Skin ailments

The pollutants sheltering inside unmaintained air ducts are also responsible for a number of skin conditions. The first signs include rashes and an irresistible urge to scratch at them which only makes it worse. This might happen during any month of the year even if you have perfectly healthy skin.

Sometimes, these rashes take on a more pronounced shape and develop into fungal infections. People who already have a propensity for developing eczema are at a higher risk of contracting it regularly, accompanied by high temperatures and inflammation of the skin.

All of these conditions are caused by mold and the mildew spores which are spouted out of a dirty air duct. Some bacterial infections have also been observed including hay fever and infections of the insides of the nose. These microbes are found in almost every such air duct.

What you require is a thorough checkup of the afflicted areas of your home and an appropriate cleaning-vacuuming routine followed by specialized chemical treatments. Hire an agency which excels in air duct cleaning in St Augustine for the best results.

Please note that these are not DIY-friendly jobs. Professional intervention is vital.

4.   Overwhelming feeling of malaise

Even if you were at home for most of the day, did not have to turn up for work, and had no major chores to run, you will find that you feel anxious and stressed-out, fatigued, and experience other symptoms of ill health. The urge to go to bed keeps getting stronger.

All these are symptoms of general unease caused by infections. Since your body’s immune systems have to fight bacterial invasions, you start feeling its effects.

Do not take these signs lightly. Ensure that your chosen agency does a good job of cleansing and scrubbing the air ducts.

It is a good idea to ask the agency’s representatives about the services they will provide and then compare them with other businesses to zero in on the best firm.