best way to clean grout on tile floors

Easiest and Best Way to Clean Grout on Tile Floors

If you have elegant tile flooring, you might have often wondered about the best way to clean grout on tile floors. You would have also tried several DIY techniques as per experts’ suggestions. While some have yielded results, others have failed miserably.

And no matter the number of times you clean it, the dirt, grime, and mold always find a way to come back to the grouts. This can make your grouts and the entire tile floor dirty and dingy. So, you have started searching for the best way to clean dirty grout on a tile floor all over again.

No. we aren’t mocking your efforts or dissuading you from doing so. We truly understand your concern and desire to see your tile floor shine. But, before applying any new technique, it is essential to have clarity about certain things.

While there are numerous techniques you can apply and experiment with, it is always better to leave some things to experts. Thus, seasoned experts from top tile and grout cleaning services providers are the best resource for the job.

The experts from cleaning companies have years of experience, specialized equipment, and cleaning solutions do best do the cleaning job. They know the best way to clean grout lines on a tile floor and restore them as well. Additionally, they can apply a sealant to prevent the grouts from becoming dirty again.

The DIY Method of Grout Cleaning

But, it might not always be feasible to call upon experts. Or, you might be one of them who like doing tasks themselves. If you want to clean the grouts by yourself, here are specific steps that you need to follow.

However, remember that grouts are porous. Therefore, it is a bit difficult to clean them. And, since they are seated deep within the surface, you cannot wipe away the dirt using a cloth. Simple sweeping your floors can push the dirt, crumbs, and other particles into the grout lines. This can make them shabbier.

The steps here are the best way to clean grout on tile floors-

Step 1: Preparing the Grout Area

Start by using a damp cloth to wipe the grout. Remove any visible grime, dirt, or dust. Take time to clean any residual strain or buildup as well.

Step 2: Mix the different solutions for cleaning

The present state of the grout dictates the best solution that you can use to clean it. You can mix one-part water and two parts baking soda for preparing a solution that removes regular debris and dirt.

Alternatively, mix one-part vinegar and two parts baking soda to address discolored grouts or those with strains. Or just mix one-part hydrogen peroxide and two parts baking soda for fragile or coarse tiles. A commercial grout cleaner can also be used for the cleaning job.

Step 3: Apply the solution for grout cleaning

Use a toothbrush for applying the paste to the grouts between the tiles. While applying vinegar, apply some paste to an inconspicuous area. This will make sure that the vinegar does not discolor your tile.

Step 4: Scrub the grout and seal it

After allowing the paste to sit for some time on the grout, use a scrubber to scrub the grout lines. After this use water to clean it. Then let the grout dry for a day and apply a sealant for preserving the grout.

Final words

However, using DIY tricks to clean the grouts can be risky as it can damage them upon improper application. Therefore, it is better to connect with a professional for the job. Professionals from top tile and grout cleaning companies know the best way to clean grout on tile floors.

While considering the best tile and grout cleaning in St Augustine, FL, note that there is none better than The Best Restoration. They are experts and bring in years of experience and specialized equipment to do the job with dexterity.

They start the cleaning process with a thorough assessment of the condition. After accessing the state, they thoroughly clean the tiles and grouts. Finally, they scrub to remove the deep-seated dirt and give the tiles and grouts the ultimate clean look.

Arguably this is the best way to clean grout on tile floors and offers guaranteed results every time. Connect with us now if you want to know more or want to see your tiles alive again.